Every mobile or tech gadget has different specifications. Even companies manufacturing devices with same features try to keep it different. That’s why every single thing counts while repairing your device. Here are some of the questions that our clients usually ask.

What mobile phone brands do you repair?

Our experts repair all types of mobiles available in the market. We have worked with almost every brand including Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Lg, HTC, Motorola, and many more.

Do I have to give my Sim card along with the phone?

Absolutely No! We don’t need it. Once we have repaired your phone you can put it in and check. In addition to that we give 3 months guarantee with all of our repairs for your satisfaction.

What is the repair process at We Fix IT?

We have made it simple and convenient for our clients. You can visit our store and we will give you a free diagnostic. We will offer a free estimate and time for the repair. We will tell you the time and you can come anytime to pick it up. You can also contact us online to get a free quote. You can send us the picture of your device if required. We will respond to your query in the least possible time.

What is your average turnaround time on cell phones and laptop repairs?

Typically, it takes an hour to repair mobile phones at We Fix IT. We keep variety of Smart phone replacement parts like charging ports, screens, cameras, and tablet accessories in stocks. This in-turn makes your repair quick. However, the laptop repair may take some hours or at the maximum a day.

How will I get my recovered data?

Don’t worry about your data as it is in safe hands. We provide your recovered data via Dropbox, DVD’s, USB’s or hard drives. You can choose the option that is more feasible to you.

What if my data cannot be recovered?

At some instances, the device is so badly damaged that it’s not technically possible to recover data. In that case, we will not charge a single dollar. What you only have to pay is the shipment fee and we will courier it to your address.

Can you guarantee the parts you use for the repair?

We use genuine parts for the replacement purpose, so we give you a 100% guarantee. However, if original parts are not available, we will source the OEM parts from the factories that manufacture the same product.

What payment method do you prefer?

We accept payments through credit cards and debit cards and also via PayPal. You can also pay through cash if you personally come to store to collect your device. We can also manage online bank transfers for your convenience.