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Do you get a low battery warning all the time? Time to time charging needs and not enough standby time means the battery needs repair and can harm your phone. Have a swollen battery? Time to knock out all these problems.
Battery timing is very important to save your work and day. No more missing calls or important messages from the office due to dead battery. Surely you don’t want to miss your favorite movie in the middle just because of some low battery warning. We have the best solution to all these problems. Get free consultancy now.
Quality service at a highly affordable price
We believe in a healthy and friendly relation with our customers. At We Fix IT, you will experience customer service like never before. We are highly affordable with the most reasonable prices in the market. Trust the professionals to get the service you need.
Batteries we change
Does your device shut down suddenly, or its battery dies during a short period? We have the perfect battery match to your devices. We have hundreds of original batteries available in stock.
What you just have to do is get a free quote. We will arrange the battery before you visit our store, or your parcel comes to us. At We Fix IT we do the battery replacement in less than an hour. In addition, we give a flat 3 months guarantee with all our repairs.

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My phone got some severe cracks. You know that’s a horrible experience to manage that. But thanks to these people. They repaired the screen and now it looks like it was. I would rate them 5/5.

Michale John

Student- University of Alberta
I am highly impressed by their tech abilities. I got my iPhone frozen. Really not knowing what to do, I headed them my phone. They are fast, professional, and respectful. Great job We Fix IT.

Mike Miller

Manager, Ship Canada