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Broken glass may be very dangerous and needs to be repaired instantly. It’s an annoying experience to use such a phone or tablet. Breaks decrease the worth and attractiveness of your smartphones.
We Fix IT is the best solution to this problem. At our store we diagnose and analyze if the broken screen can be fixed or need to be replaced. Repair may be sometimes costly, but it depends upon the severity of the break. So, the best option is to go with replacement of the screen. Our tech experts tell you about the exact situation of your device and suggest fix or repair. It saves time and money both.
Quality service at a highly affordable price
We believe in a healthy and friendly relation with our customers. At We Fix IT, you will experience a customer service like never before. We are highly affordable with the most reasonable prices in the market. Trust the professionals to get the service you need.
Screens we replace
If your device’s screen has suffered severe damage, we suggest replacing. Rather than spending a $100 or more, instead, spend $20 on replacing the screen.
We Fix IT replaces all types of screens with the genuine ones. At our store, we have a stock of screens available. Ultimately it takes only 20 minutes on average
to replace the screen. We change the broken and damaged screens of your laptops, mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles, and other gadgets.

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My phone got some severe cracks. You know that’s a horrible experience to manage that. But thanks to these people. They repaired the screen and now it looks like it was. I would rate them 5/5.

Michale John

Student- University of Alberta
I am highly impressed by their tech abilities. I got my iPhone frozen. Really not knowing what to do, I headed them my phone. They are fast, professional, and respectful. Great job We Fix IT.

Mike Miller

Manager, Ship Canada