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We know how passionate you are for your game console, so we make it quick. From a non-operating gaming console to the one having sticky or missing buttons, or simply the one having charging issues, our certified professionals handle them all.
No matter if you have a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Console, our experts get it ready to rock and play in less than an hour. Frozen console while the game is all set can be annoying. Leaving a game in the middle due to overheating is really frustrating. In fact, overheating can also lead to several other problems and reduces the work life of your console. We offer the most affordable solutions so you can get back to your gaming adventures in the least possible time. We are quick even more than you think.
Quality service at a highly affordable price
We believe in a healthy and friendly relation with our customers. At We Fix IT, you will experience customer service like never before. We are highly affordable with the most reasonable prices in the market. Trust the professionals to get the service you need.
How we do it at We Fix IT?
Our dedicated and skilled technicians provide the fastest and the level best service in the town. Get the best customer service in the industry in the lowest price. We follow a simple process at We Fix IT. If your game console is not working properly, feel free to contact us. We will carry a free diagnostic to find exactly what’s wrong with your gadget. We will give you a free estimate, lower than the market price and let you decide.

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Devices we handle professionally and passionately

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360 slim
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3 Slim
  • PlayStation 3
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo WII U
  • Nintendo WII
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Retro Game Console
My phone got some severe cracks. You know that’s a horrible experience to manage that. But thanks to these people. They repaired the screen and now it looks like it was. I would rate them 5/5.

Michale John

Student- University of Alberta
I am highly impressed by their tech abilities. I got my iPhone frozen. Really not knowing what to do, I headed them my phone. They are fast, professional, and respectful. Great job We Fix IT.

Mike Miller

Manager, Ship Canada