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PlayStation 4 is the new generation console that everyone loves the most. Is your PS4 not turning on or you are having a blinking problem? We are here to fix them up for you. All the other problems related to PS4 like no disc ejection, force ejection, frozen PS4, firmware malfunctions, improper resolution, etc. are solved by our experts in a couple of hours or sometimes an hour.
Installation errors can be frustrating. Faulty hard drive, or stuck display can ruin your day. If you are having any of these problems, we have the perfect solution for you. We have years of experience in handling your gaming consoles. You can trust us for the gadgets you love.
Quality service at a highly affordable price
We believe in a healthy and friendly relation with our customers. At We Fix IT, you will experience customer service like never before. We are highly affordable with the most reasonable prices in the market. Trust the professionals to get the service you need.
Technical service at the lowest price in Edmonton guaranteed!
Our experts have repaired almost all the latest versions of game consoles. We have a great command over the latest technology and sensitive motherboard and wire handling. We believe that every single dollar investment in your repair counts here. It takes maximum a day at We Fix IT to get your PlayStation repaired. We provide 3 months with all our repairs for our client’s satisfaction.

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PlayStation 4 Repairs at We Fix IT
We repair and fix all the errors in your PlayStation 4 console with great care. After an hour of service, you will get your device working as brand new. Here is a list of repairs we do at We Fix IT.

  • Blinking Blue Light
  • Issue with Outlet
  • Force Eject
  • PS4 Freezes
  • Firmware Malfunctions
  • Improper Resolution
  • Issue With TV
  • Faulty Hard Drive
  • Fan replacement
  • Motherboard issues
  • Optical drive issues
My phone got some severe cracks. You know that’s a horrible experience to manage that. But thanks to these people. They repaired the screen and now it looks like it was. I would rate them 5/5.

Michale John

Student- University of Alberta
I am highly impressed by their tech abilities. I got my iPhone frozen. Really not knowing what to do, I headed them my phone. They are fast, professional, and respectful. Great job We Fix IT.

Mike Miller

Manager, Ship Canada